EU CCA Programme Final Report (PDF)     ENG


Programme Presentation     ENG



Project Leaflet (PDF)   ARM    AZE    GEO    ENG

Before, During, After a Disaster (PDF)      ARM    AZE    GEO

Global Climate Change and South Caucasus (PDF)     ARM   AZE    GEO

Natural Resources and their Sustainable Use (PDF)      ARM   AZE   GEO


Baseline Surveys

Baseline survey for Armenia’s target region (PDF)      RU

Baseline survey for Azerbaijan’s target region (PDF)      RU

Baseline survey for Georgia’s target region (PDF)      GEO


Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis of Georgia     ENG

Stakeholder Analysis of Armenia     ENG

Stakeholder Analysis of Azerbaijan     ENG


Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Plans

Outline of Trans-Boundary CCA Plans      ENG

Trans-Boundary CCA Plan for Eco-Zone 1      GEO   ENG    RU

Trans-Boundary CCA Plan for Eco-Zone 2      GEO   ENG    RU

Local CCA Plans for Georgia’s target municipalities     GEO

Local CCA Plan for Armenia’s target region      ARM   ENG

Local CCA Plans for Azerbaijan’s target rayons      AZE



1st Interim Report      ENG

2nd Interim Report      ENG

Mid-Term Evaluation Report     ENG


Pilot Projects

List of Pilot Projects by August 2014     ENG

Replication Strategy      GEO    ENG    RU

GuidesGlobal Climate Change & Georgia Textbook      GEO

Global Climate Change & Armenia Textbook      ARM

Global Climate Change & Azerbaijan Textbook      AZE

CCA Planning Guide for Municipalities      ARM   AZE    GEO    ENG

DRR Textbooks      ARM   AZE   GEO

Identification, Importance and Cultivation of Wild Edible Plants in Changing Climate in Armenia      ARM

Textbook on Application of Antierode Irrigation System in Condition of Climate Change      AZE

Textbook on Wild Pistachio Tree Conservation Methods and Its Cultivation Technology on the Large Area      GEO

Training Manual on qualitative multi-hazard risk assessment (Case study of Georgia)      ENG


Climate Risk Maps

Climate Risk Maps Armenia      ENG

Climate Risk Maps Azerbaijan      ENG

Climate Risk Maps Georgia      ENG

Flood Susceptibility Map -Armenia      ENG

Flood Susceptibility Map -Azerbaijan      ENG

Multi Hazard Risk Assessment to Climate Change -Case Study of Georgia      GEO


Media Files

EU CCA Programme III Regional Conference -Article in Armenia       ARM

EU CCA Programme III Regional Conference -Article in Azerbaijan      AZE


Program Completion

EU Programme Wrap-Up Meeting Agenda      ENG