roadening Horizons: Improved Choices for the Professional and Economic Development of Women and Girls
The overall purpose is to create new educational, professional and economic opportunities for girls and women through broadening horizons of thought, opportunities for expression, access to information and availability of services. International Center on Conflicts and Negotiations (ICCN) in partnership with Mercy Corp will implement the project in Kvemo Kartli and Smtskhe-Javaheti regions of Georgia. 
The main goal of the program is to have increased involvement in and benefit from educational, professional and economic opportunities for women and girls. The project will be implemented in 13 municipalities in both regions and will ensure that more informed choices are made based on increased access to information and services in the areas of education, training, employment, and professional development. 

The program will address the following constraints that women and girls face:

• Women lack access to decision making at the community and municipal levels;
• Women are excluded from HH as well as community level decision-making, particularly in ethnic minority areas.
• Many girls and women experience high levels of control from the male family heads;
• Common to most rural women is the information vacuum in which they live.
• Girls and women have very little knowledge and information about market actors, and educational or career related opportunities, and have few relevant specialized skills to offer in the market, or to use to develop their own market activities.
• Many girls leave education early and marry very early taking what is often the main livelihood opportunity open to them.